As a marketing specialist, Adele M. George brings nearly 20 years of marketing strategy, media planning and buying experience to the table for her clients.  She’s built her career on having a deep understanding of what motivates people to buy a product or service and how to best reach each consumer. She has bought for a wide variety of categories such as casinos, attorneys, automotive, medical, healthcare, tourism, retail, and restaurants.

Adele, not only has experience in traditional media (television, radio, print, and outdoor), she has also fully immersed herself understanding in all of today’s advertising platforms and what is best for her clients. She concentrates her waking hours on how she can incorporate non-traditional media such as social media and digital advertising as well as traditional media into her client’s marketing strategies.

Adele’s passion, motivation and ambitions run deep and well beyond marketing.  She recently graduated with honors from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. She owns an artisan soap making company, Soapery Shop, where she makes and sells beautiful fragranced handcrafted soaps.  And, she is a domestic violence survivor working to educate as many as she can about domestic violence awareness through social media and by talking to groups and organizations about her experience. Her goal is to spread the word that #lovedoesnothurt by educating and helping others avoid what she endured.

She shares her office, desk, and often her desk chair with two sidekicks. Her Scruffy Mutts Rescue New Orleans dog, Oliver and her longtime companion Ragamuffin aka Rags the cat.