What the heck is a Media Buyer?

First things first, exactly what is a miracle worker, um, I mean a Media Buyer? A media buyer is the person (like me!) that makes sure your advertising and marketing are exposed to the right target audience by ways and means such as traditional media (TV, radio, print, outdoor) and nontraditional media (digital marketing and social media).

Allaboutcareers.com says we’re pretty darn awesome, “If you stumbled across the natural habitat of a media buyer, you would find them networking like nobody’s business and establishing relationships with media sales executives and potential clients. They would then be reviewing the success of certain campaigns and negotiating with media sales agencies in order to make vital adjustments and changes. Media buyers also need to be savvy with money, as they will be entrusted with a budget, which must be spent wisely. They will be attending meetings with their clients, giving presentations and reporting back to them on the results of their various campaigns. They’ve got to get it right! After all, a client won’t be too impressed if someone has been advertising their new, expensive, diamond-encrusted watch in Farmers Weekly.” So in summary – we’re pretty fun to be around and we’re damned good with money.

Yep! That’s me!

We’re badass negotiators and we put together awesome media buys because we have mad “skillz” that we’ve invested lots of time training. We spend our time not only understanding what we need to know to effectively do our job but also work hard to understand a client’s marketplace. Need to determine a return on investment or to uncover if there is wasted money on advertising? Ask a media buyer (in particular, me!) for help. After we determine your critical key performance indicators, we will be able to look at your marketing, coupled with revenue, profit, or whatever factors determine response to advertising and find ways to make efforts more effective and cost-efficient. That’s right… we may spend money but we’re also penny pinchers and won’t spend any money unless we know it is effective and efficient.

So this meme….(if you haven’t seen it before) is true.

A meme about media buyers and the perceptions others have about them.

But you ask, why hire a media buyer? Well that’s a topic for another blog.

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